New Releases - Run it's a Rat Swarm!

13 January 2023  |  Admin

Although Lucy was warned not to give food to the little rat that had made its home in their wall, Lucy thought the small rat looked quite sad an hungry.  She gave only a few  crumbs from a Mimbleberry pie to the tiny fellow, hoping to befriend it and make it her pet.  However this has horrible backfired, and only hours later, a hoard of rats poured through Lucy's home and cleared them out of every scrap of food.  Indeed, Lucy and the siblings were lucky to escape the hovel they lived in, pursued as they were into the street by the swarm of rats, ravenously pursuing any food source.  Fortunately, for all concerned, these are normal sized rats, not the Giant or Great rats that plagued Midlam a few years back.  The guard have been alerted, the rat-catchers are converging on the area, but in the meantime, guard your Mimbleberry pies with your lives!

This Fridays release has a new Rat Swarm miniature, ideal for lurking in sewers, dungeons and chasing the junior townsfolk of Midlam.

You can buy them from our webstore here.

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