New Releases - Here be More Dragons

3 February 2023  |  Admin

New Releases - Here be More Dragons

"Many have heard the legendary tales told of the Dragon Folk, said to dwell far to the west of Midlam, across the great wasteland. They are said to be kin to the great wyrms themselves and their intelligence is held to be as fierce and deadly as their weapon craft.  Some claim to have encountered them in the great wasteland, fighting the unfathomable monsters and abysmal creatures that dwell there, it is speculated, for the sport of it alone.  None however, have ever boasted of besting them in combat, or for that matter to have survived a clash of arms with them.  Indeed, when tales are told of the Dragon Folk, in seedy bars, and great Lord's halls, it is always in whispers.  For who would wish to tempt fate and in their false pride, catch the attention of the great Dragon Lord.  That great reptillian god who is said to slumber for ages, who occasionally, across the aeons, opens a vast and greedy eye to look down upon the world of Alberon, at the treasures and riches of man's kingdoms.  For it is only when they these bejewelled empires reach their most glorious heights, will he finally awaken, to rouse his folk, to plunder the world, and raise all of man's achievements to the ground.  And should that day of fire and destruction come, what could Midlam do to stand against an army of such beings?  They with their piercing cunning and unmatched strength and their blazing, fearsome god of malevolence urging them on to victory."

This Fridays release includes two new Dragon Archer miniatures sculpted by the amazing Bob Olley! You can buy them from our webstore here.

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