New Kickstarter - Wizards' Apprentices Volume II - Stretchgoal Announced

29 April 2022  |  Admin

New Kickstarter - Wizards' Apprentices Volume II - Stretchgoal Announced

Many of the older, established Wizards had said they had no time to teach the new influx of apprentice wizards.  However, the Wizard Haxhem has stepped into the breach, and seems thoroughly versed in the magical, alchemical and philosophical arts.  There does however seem to be some question over her provenance, with no letters of introduction from a high wizard or certificate of wizardly competence from a Magical College.  Her only proof of who she is and what her talents may be, comes from a letter of appointment by the Baron of Midlam.  The College has let this slide, but it has perhaps resulted in increased tensions between them and the Baron.  The Wizard Haxhem's place was only confirmed after the Wizard Fairflax challenged her to a magical duel (something fairly common in the College and usually more of a test of abilities than a deadly affair and rarely fatal) with poor Fairflax ending up in a singed heap.  The Wizard Gudgrief's silence, was also deemed an approval.


Welcome to our latest Kickstarter where we introduce a series of 7 female wizards, and you can also add the miniatures from our first Kickstarter project which featured Wizards Apprentices from the Class of 22016AE.

The project ends on Sunday, May 8 2022 1:00 PM BST. Thank you for your support.


The High Wizard of Midlam