New Kickstarter - The Nuns of Midlam Abbey + Stretchgoal

30 October 2023  |  Admin

New Kickstarter - The Nuns of Midlam Abbey + Stretchgoal

We are pleased to announce The Nuns of Midlam Abbey, 9 new miniatures in 28mm scale for all of your fantasy games!

The Nuns of Midlam Abbey live lives almost totally separated from the brothers, a condition which is overseen by the Abbess, Mother Mia. They are renowned for their weaving, intricate tapestries, fine wines and healing arts.  

There are many reasons that women choose to enter the Abbey.  Some are daughters of minor nobles who prefer the life to marrying some terrible old Knight.  Some are drawn to the nunnery through their faith, some in their quest for knowledge and some seek peace and shelter from a harsh and unforgiving world.

For the most part, they are respected and held in reverence, but some ask questions. They are said to have a number of members of the lost village of Hexham amongst their number and have accepted the confessions of former Moon Cultists and let them into their order. But against all speculation and rumour, they are protected by the the walls of the Abbey, the Seal of the Baron of Midlam and their faith in the Lord.

Stretch Goal Unlocked!

This time we have avid reader, Sister Novella, who is now unlocked!

The project the ends on the Sunday, November 5th at 1pm.

Thank you for your support! For more information, click <here>


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