New Kickstarter - The Inn Folk - The Adventurer's Rest

2 September 2022  |  Admin

New Kickstarter - The Inn Folk - The Adventurer's Rest

Midlam is a city not short of Inns, Taverns or Pubs.  There are Inns for the rich, the poor, merchant guilds, traders, visitors, thieves and fences.  Their exact number is a mystery, but they number in their hundreds, some are legal, some are not.

At 'The Adventurer's Rest' we find the staff and some of the regulars in one of the more welcoming Inns in Midlam.  Here, any strangers passing through are welcome, as long as they have coins in their pocket.  Of course, if your adventurers are successful, and survive their quest, they will be expected to buy a round of drinks for everyone on their return. Behind the bar are all sorts of mementos of those poor brave souls who did not from their quests.

Welcome to... The Inn Folk - The Adventurer's Rest! Here you will find a collection of 9 Inn Folk (a mix of staff and regular customers) in 28mm scale for all of your fantasy games.

The project has been launched on the 2nd September 2022 and the ends on the Sunday, September 11th.

Thank you for your support! For more information, click <here>


The High Wizard of Midlam