New Kickstarter - The City Guard of Midlam - Volume Two

7 September 2023  |  Admin

New Kickstarter - The City Guard of Midlam - Volume Two

We are pleased to announce Volume Two of our Midlam City Guard, with 9 new miniatures in 28mm scale for all of your fantasy games.

The City Guard are the first line of defence for the Northern trading city of Midlam. While the Baron does commands military forces, these are never stationed within the city and are usually away fighting distant campaigns against Lord Wulfric or defending from incursions from the Western Wastelands.

After falling into neglect over recent years, the Guard is now a vital part of the city. For the city has faced many threats, both from without and within. New units are being formed all the time, and the experienced Commander Hendrick has been tasked with forming a new unit under her command composed of new recruits, veterans and reservists.

As such, the current set of Guard are being trained in the use of the halberd as well as the crossbow. Thanks to Commander Hendrick's constant vigilance there have been no self-inflicted casualties so far!

Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Our stretch goal miniature, Hugh Overdare, is now unlocked!

The project has been launched on the 1st September 2023 and the ends on the Sunday, September 10th.

Thank you for your support! For more information, click <here>


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