New Kickstarter - Halfling Cultists

24 November 2023  |  Admin

New Kickstarter - Halfling Cultists

We are pleased to announce the Halfling Cultists, 14 new miniatures in 28mm scale for all of your fantasy games!

Halflings get obsessed with lots of things, but mainly, they are obsessed with food. As can be related by the dizzying breakfasts, brunches, bruncheons, luncheons, afternoon teas, dinners and suppers that to the untrained eye, blend into one great day-long feast. Cakes, buttered scones and, of course, the fabled mimbleberry pie are obligatory to the lengthy and custom-filled proceedings.

Some of course take things too far, such as the members of The Cult of the Mimbleberry Pie. Dedicated as they are to the one true recipe, which must be guarded from unbelievers, at all costs. Heretical variant recipes must be destroyed and pie thieves must be punished with inhalfling tortures such as enforced fasting while the smell of freshly baked mimbleberry pies is wafted towards the drooling victim.

Menthol Coughdrop - Renegade Cultist

You can also choose to add renegade halfling cultist Menthol Coughdrop who has managed to make it away with a pack of 3 delicious (but partly eaten) mimbleberry pies, a crime punishable by a fate worse than death (for reasons of propriety we cannot go into such details here). Menthol has a long history of wrongdoing, though it is said he was once a devoted member of the Pie Cult. Some say it all went back to the pie-eating championship of 22016AE, which he won, but at a terrible cost to his sanity.

The project the ends on the Sunday, December 3rd at 1pm.

Thank you for your support! For more information, click <here>


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