Magical Automata (Plus new Kickstarter Launched)

11 June 2021  |  Admin

Magical Automata (Plus new Kickstarter Launched)

Breaking into the local Magician's residence was easier than expected. The thief detected no wards on the upper windows and the servants should all be asleep… 

The screams coming from the Wizards vault were a not un-common occurrence, the servants knew better than to investigate any strange noises during the night and the automata that guarded the masters vault would clean up any mess they made…

New releases this week include four new Magical Automata miniatures for your Fantasy gaming, including a Princes, Knight, Jester and Dragon.


New Kickstarter Announcement  Junior Townsfolk & Villagers - Volume 2

Midlam Miniatures are pleased to announce the a new Kickstarter 'Junior Townsfolk & Villagers - Volume 2'. A selection of 10 townsfolk/villager children miniatures in 28mm scale for use in medieval and fantasy RPG games!  It ends on Sunday 27th June at 1pm.



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