Junior Townsfolk & Villagers Vol II - Available to Order!

3 June 2022  |  Admin

Junior Townsfolk & Villagers Vol II - Available to Order!

Midlam is a city beset by disasters, whether that be man-made, natural and supernatural. One of the reasons for it that it manages to always recover so quickly, is that with its high birth rate, ands influx of people from the lucrative trade routes, the population quickly bounces back.

As such the city is often teaming with children.  Some of the children of the trading classes and nobility and upper classes find themselves largely confined to the classrooms or under the watch of their personal tutors, and they can only look at of the window with a curious envy at the ragged children on the street playing their games.

We have made the miniatures from our 31st Kickstarter available to order directly from our website! Thank you to all of our Kickstarter Backers!


 You can find details of the Kickstarter here or buy them from our webstore here.

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