Half Elves

3 February 2021  |  Admin

Half Elves!

Elves are the stuff of legend in Midlam, and it was once said that they were frequent visitors to the city, but alas no more and they have slipped into obscurity and legend. Still, there are some travellers who have a distinct touch of elvish about them, with their silver hair and mysterious manner.  Whenever they excite more than a passing curiosity however, they suddenly cannot be found.  They are the wanderers, the half-elves, born of elf and human, that slip effortlessly between the mortal worlds and magical realms where the elves are said to reside.


New Releases this week include two Half Elves.


The Baron of Midlam

New Kickstarter Announcement 

Midlam Miniatures are pleased to announce the a new Kickstarter 'Bloody Peasants'. A selection of human and halfling farmers in 28mm scale miniatures for all of your fantasy games!  It ends on Sunday 7th February at 1pm.