Danger! Slimes! Danger!

7 January 2021  |  Admin

Danger! Slimes! Danger!

Whether born of ancient protoplasmic ooze, wizardry or alchemy, no one knows for sure the true origin of Slimes. However, this latest outbreak may certainly be due to a newly graduated Wizard poring his disastrous concoctions down the drains at the Midlam College of Magical Arts.

The heroic Wizard Varangor, the headmaster at the Midlam College of Magical Arts has managed to capture <most> of the slimes and is valiantly disposing of them in a harmless and safe manner.

In other news, a mysterious benefactor has supplied the beggars, waifs and strays of Midlam a free meal of tasty green soup. Get it while it's hot!


New Releases this week include three dangerous Slimes!


The Baron of Midlam