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Monday, 27 August 2018  |  Admin

The Village of the Witches Kickstarter is going strong, thanks to you all and we are pleased to announce our new stretch goal! Vincent Hobson Witch Hunter and Warlock Master Darkweezel.

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Goblin Soldier

Goblin Soldier£3.00

Goblin Soldier (GLMSO1)

Female Wizard with Staff

Female Wizard with Staff£2.50


Groblin (Greater Goblin) with Axe

Groblin (Greater Goblin) with Axe£6.00

Groblin (Greater Goblin) with Axe (GROAX1)

Female Cleric with Club and Book

Female Cleric with Club and Book£2.50


Wizard casting Spell

Wizard casting Spell£2.50


Goblin Lurker 2

Goblin Lurker 2£3.00

Goblin Lurker (GLMLU2)