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Tuesday, 3 May 2016  |  Admin

The NEW 2-Player Starter Set - Firewalker/Treefolk is now in-stock!  This contains 66% more health than our previous starters (30 health of each race and 4 Dragons!)
Earth and Air Game Mats are now available for Dragon Dice! These are full color Fabric Surface Rubber Backed Game Mats, dimensions are approximately 24 X 14 x 1/16 in.

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Ranger attacking with Sword

Ranger attacking with Sword£2.00


Barbarian with Club

Barbarian with Club£2.00


Barbarian with Sword and Morningstar

Barbarian with Sword and Morningstar£2.00


Minotaur Lord

Minotaur Lord£8.00


Wizard casting Spell

Wizard casting Spell£2.00