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Tuesday, 31 January 2017  |  Admin

Few get to enter the Wizards Library, even fewer leave... What mystical secrets must be kept from the common folk of Midlam? What knowledge is bound in the pages of each magical spell book? Who will dare venture into the Wizards Library?

New for January 2017, this months new releases include the Wizards Library, a collection of all four book piles (Tall Pile of Books / Heap of Books / Haphazard Collection of Books / Small Stack of Books).

Featured Products
Female Cleric with Book

Female Cleric with Book£2.00


Goblin Jailer with Raised Club

Goblin Jailer with Raised Club£3.00

Goblin Jailer (GLMJA1)

Female Fighter with Spear and Shield

Female Fighter with Spear and Shield£2.00


Dwarf in Winter Clothing

Dwarf in Winter Clothing£2.00


Fighter with Spear & Longshield

Fighter with Spear & Longshield£2.00


Classic Dwarves (any 50 models)

Classic Dwarves (any 50 models)£100.00   £62.50

Choose any 50 models of any of the 16 types available in the classic C1008 Range. Perfect for Army Building!