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Vallejo Mecha Color

Vallejo Mecha Color
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Mecha Color: 69.001  Pure WhiteMecha Color: 69.002  White GreyMecha Color: 69.003  Off WhiteMecha Color: 69.004  Yellow
Mecha Color: 69.005  Light FleshMecha Color: 69.006  PinkMecha Color: 69.007  OrangeMecha Color: 69.008  Red
Mecha Color: 69.009  SZ RedMecha Color: 69.010  MagentaMecha Color: 69.011  Dark RedMecha Color: 69.012  Purple
Mecha Color: 69.013  Titan BlueMecha Color: 69.014  Grey GreenMecha Color: 69.015  Blue GreyMecha Color: 69.016  Light Blue
Mecha Color: 69.017  Sky BlueMecha Color: 69.018  Deep BlueMecha Color: 69.019  BlueMecha Color: 69.020  Electric Blue
Mecha Color: 69.021  Dark BlueMecha Color: 69.022  Titan Dark BlueMecha Color: 69.023  TurquoiseMecha Color: 69.024  Stone Grey
Mecha Color: 69.025  Light GreenMecha Color: 69.026  GreenMecha Color: 69.027  Green BlueMecha Color: 69.028  Olive Green
Mecha Color: 69.029  Deep GreenMecha Color: 69.030  Dark GreenMecha Color: 69.031  Grey SandMecha Color: 69.032  Yellow Ochre
Mecha Color: 69.033  Sand YellowMecha Color: 69.034  BrownMecha Color: 69.035  Chipping BrownMecha Color: 69.036  Light Grey
Mecha Color: 69.037  GreyMecha Color: 69.038  Medium GreyMecha Color: 69.039  Grey ZMecha Color: 69.040  Phantom Grey
Mecha Color: 69.041  Dark Grey GreenMecha Color: 69.042  Pure BlackMecha Color: 69.054  Yellow FluorescentMecha Color: 69.055  Orange Fluorescent
Mecha Color: 69.056  Magenta FluorescentMecha Color: 69.057  Green FluorescentMecha Color: 69.058  Gun MetalMecha Color: 69.059  Gold
Mecha Color: 69.060  Old GoldMecha Color: 69.061  CopperMecha Color: 69.062  BronzeMecha Color: 69.063  Steel
Mecha Color: 69.064  Light SteelMecha Color: 69.065  Dark SteelMecha Color: 69.066  Metallic RedMecha Color: 69.067  Metallic Blue
Mecha Color: 69.068  Metallic GreenMecha Color: 69.505  Light Rush WashMecha Color: 69.507  Dark Rush WashMecha Color: 69.515  Light Grey Wash
Mecha Color: 69.518  Black WashMecha Color: 69.521  Oiled Earth WashMecha Color: 69.522  Desert Dust WashMecha Color: 69.813  Oil Stains (Gloss)
Mecha Color: 69.814  Fuel Stains (Gloss)Mecha Color: 69.817  Petrol Spills (Gloss)Mecha Color: 69.818  Brown Engine Soot (Matt)Mecha Color: 69.821  Rust Texture (Matt)
Mecha Color: 70.640  Surface Primer WhiteMecha Color: 70.641  Surface Primer GreyMecha Color: 70.642  Surface Primer BlackMecha Color: 70.643  Surface Primer Ivory
Mecha Color: 70.644  Surface Primer GreyMecha Color: 69.701  Mecha Gloss VarnishMecha Color: 69.702  Mecha Matt VarnishMecha Color: 69.703  Mecha Satin Varnish
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Model:  Vallejo-Mecha-69001
Brand:  Acrylicos Vallejo


In stock  

In stock

Acrylicos Vallejo

Vallejo has been manufacturing acrylic colors for fine arts since 1970.

Mecha Color 

New formula acrylic colors with a satin finish, extra resistant and impact proof especially designed for airbrushing surfaces exposed to aggressive manipulation.

The advanced formulation contains a revolutionary component which guarantees exceptional adherence on even the most difficult surfaces, and offers great resistance to rough handling, impact, friction, scratches, etc. Once dry, the Mecha surface looks the same as the original plastic of the model, while yet the smallest details of the original remain clearly visible.

The color range includes primers as well as special varnishes – also with an exclusive formulation- and a series of colors for aging and weathering effects. Mecha Color is not flammable, and does not contain solvents.

Packaging: Bottles of 17 ml. bottle with eyedropper. This packaging prevents the paint from evaporating and drying in the container.