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Vallejo Panzer Aces

Vallejo Panzer Aces
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Panzer Aces: 70-301 Light RustPanzer Aces: 70-302 Dark RustPanzer Aces: 70-303 Yellowish RustPanzer Aces: 70-304 Track Primer
Panzer Aces: 70-305 Light RubberPanzer Aces: 70-306 Dark RubberPanzer Aces: 70-307 Red Tail Light GermanPanzer Aces: 70-308 Green Tail Light German
Panzer Aces: 70-309 PeriscopesPanzer Aces: 70-310 Old WoodPanzer Aces: 70-311 New WoodPanzer Aces: 70-312 Leather Belt
Panzer Aces: 70-313 StencilPanzer Aces: 70-314 CanvasPanzer Aces: 70-315 Light MudPanzer Aces: 70-316 Dark Mud
Panzer Aces: 70-317 British Tank CrewPanzer Aces: 70-318 US. Army Tank CrewPanzer Aces: 70-319 USMC Tank CrewPanzer Aces: 70-320 French Tank Crew
Panzer Aces: 70-321 Highlight  British Tank CrewPanzer Aces: 70-322 Highlight  US. Tank CrewPanzer Aces: 70-323 Highlight USMC Tank  CrewPanzer Aces: 70-324 Highlight French Tank Crew
Panzer Aces: 70-325 Russian Tank Crew IPanzer Aces: 70-326 Russian Tank Crew IIPanzer Aces: 70-327 Italian Tank CrewPanzer Aces: 70-328 Japan Tank Crew
Panzer Aces: 70-329 Highlight Russian Tank Crew IPanzer Aces: 70-330 Highlight Russian Tank Crew IIPanzer Aces: 70-331 Highlight Italian Tank CrewPanzer Aces: 70-332 Highlight  Japan Tank Crew
Panzer Aces: 70-333 German Tank CrewPanzer Aces: 70-334 German Tank Crew IPanzer Aces: 70-335 German Tank Crew IIPanzer Aces: 70-336 Afrikakorps Tank  Crew
Panzer Aces: 70-337 Highlight German Tank CrewPanzer Aces: 70-338 Highlight  German Tank Crew IPanzer Aces: 70-339 Highlight  German Tank Crew IIPanzer Aces: 70-340 Highlight Afrika Tank Crew
Panzer Aces: 70-341 Flesh BasePanzer Aces: 70-342 Highlight FleshPanzer Aces: 70-343 Shadows FleshPanzer Aces: 70-344 White (German Tank Crew)
Panzer Aces: 70-345 Splinter Cam. BasePanzer Aces: 70-346 Splinter Blotches IPanzer Aces: 70-347 Splinter Blotches IIPanzer Aces: 70-348 Splinter Strips
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Model:  Vallejo-PA-70-301
Brand:  Acrylicos Vallejo

Acrylicos Vallejo

Vallejo has been manufacturing acrylic colors for fine arts since 1970.

A colour system designed in collaboration with Panzer Aces Magazine for reproducing the colours of the uniforms of tankcrews and general armed forces in WWII.

In order to simplify the method of painting the uniforms of the crew of military vehicles in the Second World War, the specialists on the staff of Panzer Aces Magazine have created a series of colours which coincide with the standard shades of these uniforms. All uniforms consist of a base and a lighter colour for highlighting and grading.

Three colours have been selected for the flesh tones, as well as a series of colours to reproduce the design of Splinter Camouflage, printed on many of the garments and canvas equipment of the German Army.

The Panzer Aces series selection of colours is ideal for the wear and tear of tanks, tires and canvas; lights, belts and periscopes, and for the uniforms of the tank-crews of various nations, skintones and camouflage patterns.

Presentation: Panzer Aces are presented in a 17 ml. bottle with eyedropper. This packaging prevents the paint from evaporating and drying in the container.