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Game Details

Playing Time - Approx 30-45 minutes.

Age Range - Suitable for 10 years and up.

Players - 2-4 players


1 Rulebook, 2 Six-sided dice, 1 Campaign Sheet, 6 Chamber Boards, 1 Entrance Token, 36 Investigation Tokens, 6 Stalagmites, 6 Stalagbites, 31 Exit Tokens, 4 Dwarves (with bases), 4 Treasure Cards, 4 Wound Cards, 8 Gold Tokens (Yellow), 8 Gem Tokens (Green), 8 Crystal Tokens (Blue) , 8 Hero Tokens (Red), 4 Wound Tokens (Red),  Initiative Token (Red).

Note on Miniatures

The game does not come with metal miniatures, but does contain all you need to play the game.  Metal miniatures are optional, and are available from this site.

Stalagbite is a game for 2-4 players where you take on the roles of dwarves heading into the deep caverns beneath the Lost Mountains in search of Gold and Glory. Dwarves hammer at the rock formations looking for gold, gems and crystals, but they risk uncovering hazards such as rock falls, deep pools, jagged pits and the primordial horror known as the Stalagbite! While each player is in theory out to win the game by collecting the most gold, player’s dwarves also earn Hero Points by killing monsters and rescuing comrades. The player with the most points, in both treasure and glory, at the end of the game is the winner.

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