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Stalagbite! 2nd Edition

Stalagbite! 2nd Edition
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Game Details

Playing Time - Approx 1 hour.

Age Range - Suitable for 13 years and up.

Players - 2-6 players


Stalagbite 2nd Edition

The dwarves fled their mountain home many years ago when the orcs and goblins destroyed their ancient civilisation. Now, small mercenary bands risk life and limb to return to the Lost Mountains, searching for ancient treasures.

Hadrok Greatsword is the leader of one such band who has broken into the deep caverns in search of gold and gems. Pursued by goblins, and harried by the strage creatures known as Stalagbites, he is driven even deeper into the roots of the mountains looking for gold and gems.

Stalagbite is a semi-cooperative game for 2-6 players where you take on the roles of dwarves heading into the deep caverns of the Lost Mountains in search of Gold and Glory. Dwarves aim to collect treasure by investigating the rocks and caves, while they earn hero points for slaying monsters and aiding comrades. However, the cavers are dangerous places... There are natural hazards, such as rock falls and deep pits, and strange primordial creatures such as Stalagbites, Creeping Jeeper and Red Hook Horror, waiting for them in the dark...


  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Character notepad and pencil
  • 5 Six-sided dice
  • 6 Chamber Boards
  • 40 Investigation Tokens
  • 40 Cave Tokens
  • Card Standees - 6 Stalagmites, 12 Stalagbites,  6 Dwarves,  6 Red Hook Horrors, 6 Creeping Jeepers

Note on Miniatures

The game does not come with metal miniatures, but does contain all you need to play the game.  Metal miniatures are optional, and are available from this site.

Note on previous versions

Existing metal miniatures from previous versions are compatible, however expansion packs which include additional rules and/or chamber boards are not compatible.

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