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Dragon Dice - Scalders

Dragon Dice - Scalders
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Dice: Heavy (3HP) - SearerDice: Heavy (2HP) - ScorcherDice: Heavy (1HP) - SingemanDice: Light (3HP) - Charkin
Dice: Light (2HP) - IgniterDice: Light (1HP) - KindlerDice: Missile (3HP) - BlazerDice: Missile (2HP) - Burner
Dice: Missile (1HP) - GlowerDice: Cavalry (3HP) - Dragonne KnightDice: Cavalry (2HP) - Dragonne RiderDice: Cavalry (1HP) - Dragonne Tender
Dice: Magic (3HP) - InfernoDice: Magic (2HP) - SmoldererDice: Magic (1HP) - SparkerDice: Monster (4HP) - Ettercap
Dice: Monster (4HP) - QuicklingDice: Monster (4HP) - Web BirdsDice: Monster (4HP) - Will o Wisps
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Model:  Dragon-Dice-Scalders-Heavy(2HP)-Scorcher
Brand:  SFR-Inc


The cornerstone of SFR's product line is Dragon Dice™, a highly-successful game that premiered in 1995 and still enjoys a strong, loyal following.

Individual Dragon Dice

These are a mix of TSR and SFR Dragon Dice.  

These are previously owned, and as with all dice, some minor imperfections may be present in individual dice (paint chips etc.), if you want to know the individual condition of any dice, please contact us in advance of placing your order.

If a specific type of dice is currently out-of-stock you can use the notification button to be informed when it becomes available to purchase.

Note: The Unseelie Faerie dice is not in stock and due to it's rarity will unlikely to be available in the future.

The following types of Scalder Dragon Dice are listed:

Race Type Health Name  
Scalder Heavy 3 Searer  
Scalder Heavy 2 Scorcher  
Scalder Heavy 1 Singeman  
Scalder Light 3 Charkin  
Scalder Light 2 Igniter  
Scalder Light 1 Kindler  
Scalder Missile 3 Blazer  
Scalder Missile 2 Burner  
Scalder Missile 1 Glower  
Scalder Cavalry 3 Dragonne Knight  
Scalder Cavalry 2 Dragonne Rider  
Scalder Cavalry 1 Dragon Tender  
Scalder Magic 3 Inferno  
Scalder Magic 2 Smoulderer  
Scalder Magic 1 Sparker  
Scalder Monster 4 Ettercap  
Scalder Monster 4 Quickling  
Scalder Monster 4 Unseelie Faerie Note:This item is unavailable
Scalder Monster 4 Web Birds  
Scalder Monster 4 Will o Wisps  


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